Module 12: Energy for the Future


Energy for the Future introduces students to innovative ways in which renewable energy sources and technologies are used to provide energy for society. Students become familiar with the different forms and sources of energy and learn about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. They analyze case studies to determine the pros and cons of several energy sources and analyze the availability, practicality, safety, and environmental impact of different energy technologies. They construct simple energy systems and learn to calculate work, power, potential energy, and efficiency. They also learn about the principles of electricity and how to determine the energy needs of different systems, such as homes or schools. In Energy for the Future, student teams further develop their Internet research skills as they gather information about one energy technology. Teams share their findings with one another and consider the merits and drawbacks of the different energy technologies for meeting the energy needs of a particular building. In a culminating project, students design a plan to meet some of the energy needs of their school with renewable energy sources.

Course Curriculum

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