Module 15 : Global Citizens


Global Citizens introduces students to the concept of corporate citizenship—the responsibility that companies have to enact policies and practices that address emerging social and environmental issues around the world. Students also examine the effects these practices may have on the company’s stakeholders, including shareholders and customers. Through case studies and role plays, students learn about the different kinds of social and environmental issues—such as pollution, labor practices, and worker health—that arise in different business contexts around the world, and look at how companies have addressed these issues.

Throughout Global Citizens, student teams take on the role of employees in the corporate citizenship department of a company. Each team recommends how its company can responsibly manage one social or environmental issue in a particular country. As part of the module, students also examine the potential impact that individual citizens can have on a company’s actions, and develop an experiment and survey to determine if and how corporate behavior affects consumer behavior. This capstone module allows Ford PAS students to demonstrate the variety of skills and breadth of knowledge they have developed throughout this program.

Course Curriculum

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