Module 17 : We All Run on Energy


We All Run on Energy introduces students to energy and its role on Earth and in human life. Students learn that energy is not only a complex concept but one that is crucial to our daily lives and a central issue of the 21st century. Over the course of the module, they learn about essential science concepts related to energy, such as the conversion, transfer, and conservation of energy and the nature of molecular bonds. At the same time, they learn why scientists and governments are working to find sustainable, renewable energy sources; why fossil fuels are no longer the best solution to meeting all of our energy needs; and why they, as members of the next generation to deal with the challenges of energy, need to understand and be engaged with the subject.

Throughout We All Run on Energy, students take on responsibility as leaders by designing an activity to teach younger students about the concept of energy——what it is, how we use it, and how we need to prepare for the future by finding new sources of energy to meet society’s needs. Students choose from several options for helping fifth-grade students understand energy, such as developing a hands-on experiment or creating a Web resource. As part of the process of creating the activity, students seek information from members of the business community by asking questions of a representative of an energy company—learning how energy companies are dealing with energy related challenges and what alternatives to fossil fuels are being pursued by energy providers.

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