Module 4 : Careers, Companies, and Communities


Careers, Companies, and Communities, introduces students to three interwoven themes that continue throughout this course. The first, “The Changing Nature of the Workplace,” is introduced through the Change in the Workplace assignments that students complete in each of the six activities. The second and third themes, “Interplay Between Industry and Community” and “Industry Clusters,” are explored through both in- and out-of-school activities, as well as through a Career Exploration Journal. Students are given a Career Exploration Journal assignment in each of the first five activities, and they use those assignments, and their new understanding of both industry clusters and the interactions between industry and community, to create a career presentation.

In this module, students learn about the businesses and industries in their region, the range of positions companies may offer, and the changing nature of the workplace. They gain information through interviews, classroom speakers, a worksite visit, and other resources. Throughout the module, students develop technology skills: working with databases, creating and delivering presentations, and doing Internet research. By the end of this module, students will have a better understanding of careers they may want to pursue, places they may want to work or intern, and the ways that people and companies adapt to change.

Course Curriculum

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